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i saw something beautiful today

no one else saw it

5/28/06 04:05 am - 2bysea

while searching for the elevator in a 25 million dollar building, i found this. simple, free. beautiful rainbow.

2/13/06 05:13 pm - roseyroo

"All my life, I had written in the hope of finding my lover, my double, my friend through the printed word. Books go out into the world, travel mysteriously from hand to hand, and somehow find their way to the people who need them at the times they need them. Josh had read my poems two years before because his parents and I had a friend in common and the books had been passed along. Cosmic forces guide such passings-along. The fingertips of the book-lenders are as charged as the fingertips ofpeople at a seance... When you find a book in a rented beach house, or the library of an old ocean liner, it is hardly by chance. The book is waiting there, waiting summer after salty summer, perhaps, to change your life. And the author (who may be dead by now) is still hovering somewhere in the ether to watch."

Erica Jong - How to Save Your Own Life

1/27/06 05:34 pm - starsfallineyez - Boookis.

Hey everyone here. I am in need of space and some cash, or more books depending on what you have. So buy or swap books with me. Please. Heres my list so far.

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1/26/06 08:18 pm - roseyroo - Then I Just Kept Walking.....

More of Kelly's birthday present....

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1/25/06 05:02 pm - roseyroo - I went for a walk today...

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12/15/05 07:45 pm - ring_pop

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11/2/05 03:51 pm - tbor1984


11/1/05 05:18 pm - black_maybe - Hello, lovelies. Its application time.

I could quote what I wrote to you, in a love letter or twoCollapse )

10/31/05 03:20 pm - roseyroo

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10/15/05 06:43 pm - golden__touch

i took this of the cash point on Deptfor High street..made me smile

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