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i saw something beautiful today

no one else saw it

10/5/05 07:46 pm - i_said_yes


9/9/05 07:37 pm - psychedelicmilk - something happy

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9/8/05 09:34 pm - psychedelicmilk - a walk

a walk downtown with Kitty (my friend Kat that is)

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9/6/05 05:52 pm - hybercon - application.

the bricks are all scarred with jailhouse tattoosCollapse )

9/6/05 04:22 pm - love_is_a - application

swimming through the stereoCollapse )

9/5/05 03:32 pm - psychedelicmilk - foosball

not that great, but i was bored

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everything will be much cooler when my polaroid 600 series camera comes in the mail from ebay, i got a cool old style looking one, *can't wait*

9/5/05 02:40 pm - ring_pop

My very first zine, Rip This Up #1 (because it's so very highschool)  is finally finished!
It's chock full of poetry and pictures. Plus a little prose and short comic strip. It's a poetry 'zine made mostly by me, with input from my friends. I would also love to sell it at some distros if anyone is interested.
I love trades, or it costs $2 (half size- 40 pgs, yeah it's big)
If you would like to buy/trade, Just comment here, on my lj, or e-mail me.

9/4/05 11:24 am - psychedelicmilk - application

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8/24/05 09:13 am - roseyroo - Secrets

Secret BeautiesCollapse )

8/22/05 09:16 pm - kissing_mirrors - Application!

Hey, I'm new, my name is Danielle. Application behind the cut. =) Sorry to be short and sweet, just want to get to the goods! ♥

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